Coat of Arms: Interview (Chris James)

Coat Of Arms is a musical duo comprising of Birmingham / Bristol steel & brawn. Chris James & Eats Everything Or Eats Everything & Chris James (whichever way pleases aesthetically) have a mutual love of big bass, melodic chords and slick beats which created a soundclash with more fight than the Battle Of Hastings! Weaving their varying styles together has seen their sound become one of masterful proportions and looks set to take them into unknown realms of possibility. The future of the Futureboogie duo is definitely looking bright.

1) Tell me a bit about what you do, who you are and your background – how you got started etc…

I produce music for myself and engineer for others and dj fulltime. I started djing when I was about 15, I was heavily into Trance at the time, but then started to buy the odd house record here and there. The full transition to house music came about as there where clubs in Birmingham putting nights on that I could get involved with and start playing out. I started making music a lot younger about 13ish on programmes like ejay etc that’s how I learnt the basics, I hated music classes at school it never taught me what I wanted to know and I didn’t choose it as one of my options. I learnt more from getting my head around different programmes in my spare time.

2) Who were the local DJs/promoters you looked up to when you were younger and the nights you went to?

Ha to be honest there wasn’t anyone at the time I looked up to in Birmingham. I think inspiration and my motivation has come from sources outside of my own city. Don’t get me wrong at the time I was young and interested in some of the nights here so I could play out. The only thing that mattered to me and still does is the music, I think a lot of people, clicks, etc are involved in the scene for all the wrong reasons, and I'm not just saying that’s in Birmingham, but over the last 10 years nights have come and gone. The city has recently found its feet again and are booking the right kind of acts that you see in London, Leeds, Manchester, so it’s getting better.

3) Best club night you’ve played at (past and present)?

Probably say Turnmills, from a nostalgia point of view definitely in the past. Most recent would be Club Bonsior in Bern, Switzerland, such a great energy and vibe plus it’s nice and intimate what I like.

4) Who’s your tip for hottest up-and-coming talent?

Well I think the word “Up & Coming” can sometimes be ignorant as some people have been doing the same thing for years but just haven’t had the right hype, attention aimed at them. One guy whose music is blowing me away is Sacha Robotti, but I wouldn’t say he’s an up comer. If were relating to someone relatively new then I would say Purple Velvet.

5) What would your big tip be for young DJs/producers?

It doesn’t matter what you use, it’s what you put the most time into and get used to. People go on about all the new shit they’ve bought for the studio, then you never hear a decent record from them. You don’t have to be loaded now to setup, I’m on a standard laptop, and have been using sennheiser headphones for the past few years and an old ass version of Fruity Loops and I’m happy with my output currently.

6) Can you tell us your top 5 tracks at the moment?

1. Adeline – Love Takes Over
2. Chris James – And I Fought
3. Eats Everything – Untitled
4. Mic Newman – Knickerbocker
5. Kris Wadsworth – Machine Sympathy

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