Cera Alba: Interview

The Leeds based producer / DJ Liam Jones aka "Cera Alba" has not looked backed since his recent rise to Hot Creations badboi. The incredible amount of detail that goes in to his productions is shown by the continual positive reaction it receives. With tracks like "Missing You" that are sure to do wonders in 2012, Cera Alba is set to be a name that is going to frequent line ups for a long time to come.

1) Tell me a bit about what you do, who you are and your background – how you got started etc…

My name is Cera Alba (Liam Jones) I am a DJ/producer from Leeds/UK. I first became interested in electronic music back in 1997 during the golden age of pop house music from the likes from Fatboy Slim and Groove Armada. I then wondered aimlessly in the mainstream of electronic music for a few years dabbling in trance, funky house and electro till a friend of mine Bond Ma introduced me to Kerri Chandler’s – Bar A Thym and it totally blew my mind as it was the sound I had been searching for all those years.

Since then that’s been my sound and I have followed it around the world. I first decided to learn how to DJ after a season in Ibiza at the super clubs of the white isle. Then a year after that I started to take production seriously by investing in some better equipment. Hopefully people will continue to enjoy my music as much I enjoy making it.

2) Who were the local DJs/promoters you looked up to when you were younger and the nights you went to?

When I first started going to underground clubs back in 2004 I used love watching Matt Cooper (Dirty Disco/Respekt Recordings). The guy used to blow peoples minds using EFX that I still don’t understand today. He also played some excellent music and I remember many after parties being absorbed into his sound. I also used enjoy watching Gareth Colley (mono_cult) who was probably the most professional DJ I have ever seen. His accuracy and track selection was second to non but sadly you will never see him play as he retired his headphones a few years back.

3) Best club night you’ve played at (past and present)?

Now this is a tough one. There are two nights, which particularly stick in my mind. The most recent was only in March at Get Satisfied in Bournemouth. I came on after Robert James who had already got the crowd bouncing and just played literally my favourite music and the crowd loved it. The second would be last year playing at the mono_cult day party with Brett Sinclair. Distrikt (Leeds) was packed and the system was heavy. The crowd was just perfectly ready for our sound and it went down really well. I always like to play to what the crowd wants as it’s there party as much as the DJ’s.

4) Who’s your tip for hottest up-and-coming talent?

Wow big question. Well there are a few people who are catching my eye at the moment. Although I’m not sure when you change class from up and coming to made it . Hot Since ’82 is producing some excellent music at the moment. Also No Artificial Colours are quality and I love there sound. Jonny Cade is quickly becoming a deep house mogul. Matt Fear, Rebel, wAFF, Max Chapman and Josh Butler are all producers to look out for in the coming months.

5) What would your big tip be for young DJs/producers?

Ok here we go. My big tip would be don’t get too caught up in the trends and make music from your own creativity. We are all searching for the new sound and trust me you wont find it at the top of any chart.

6) Can you tell us your top 5 tracks at the moment?

In no particular order…

Pol_On – Sorrow (Absolute class from release on Pets Recordings)
Drummond – Black & Night (Unreleased but sure to be picked up soon)
Milton Jackson – DSI (One my favourite producers)
Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You (Yes I know this from last year but don’t you know good music never gets old)
Ste Waite – By Your Side (Again unreleased. This just grabs me all over)

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